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Write Tonight -- July 2000
Industry News and Reviews

Okay, I gave Mr. King my Buck! Did you?

He really did it! Stephen King has made THE PLANT available from his website. The first installment was offered to the surfing community on July 24th.

After much deliberation and discussion with fellow writers and musicians, I went ahead and downloaded my copy.

The first installment was twenty pages long. It was excellent. I laughed out loud as I read it. I can't wait for the next segment.

I paid my buck. By the time you pay for stamps, envelope and check or money order, it works out to be a bit more than that, but its the principal of the thing. I wanted to prove my point. I wanted this thing to work.

And so, apparently did a lot of other people. In fact, so many people paid their canadian toonie or their yankee buck that Mr. King recently announced on his website that it looks like he is going to have to finish his book. The next segment will be larger. Mr. King is also thinking about posting larger segments for $2.50 a piece.

There you have it. Ha! Knew it, didn't you? People are basically honest at heart.

Stephen King's Website

Tell us what you think about the innovative method Mr. King chose to market his book THE PLANT. Did it apparently succeed because Mr. King is the reigning monarch of horror or would it work for any of us? If you are among those who paid for segment 1, are you planning to purchase the rest of the book? Would you buy similar works this way again?

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Article written by M. Elizabeth Blakeley (c) July 2000
All rights reserved.